Design & Engineering

With a commitment to continuous improvement, paving a way for vertical integration, the Research & Development wing of Vijai has been painstakingly working round-the-clock to develop new products, better and improvised manufacturing processes, usage of modern technology and enhanced materials for the benefit of customers. This would prove not only economical in terms of cost and energy but would also give an all time superior product to provide total satisfaction to the end user. Continuous Magnetic Field Annealing and Delta Core Transformers, the patented technologies of Vijai are steps in this direction.

VIJAI ELECTRICALS LTD is equipped with the latest Design and Engineering technologies and is definitely one of the best in the world. Vijai caters to international specifications believing in product quality and customer satisfaction. Adherence to the customer specification is the company’s motto.

Nevertheless, Vijai doesn't hesitate to educate its valued customers by coming out with valid and relevant deviations.

Vijai has a team of qualified and experienced design engineers, software engineers and skilled design draughts men trained in advanced AUTOCAD, AUTOLISP and other areas.

Software wing of its engineering department has successfully developed computer programs for Electrical Design calculations enabling millions of iterative calculations converging to a very optimum design. This is done exclusively for National and International tenders with capitalization of loss parameters. Vijai' s vision is to achieve complete set of design calculations, bill of materials and constructional drawings, all with a single click of a mouse.

Vijai has a variety of design options for different types of conductor and core materials. A massive data bank has already been established based on the previous test results.

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