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  • Vijai Electricals Ltd. have developed and tested, with in-house technology, 333MVA 1150/√3/400/√3/33kV 1phase Auto Transformer for Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. This is world’s highest voltage rating Power Transformer ever manufactured and we are proud to have completed this development with our own technology at Vijai Electricals Limited.
  • Project division in Vijai is the first in the country to have all the ERP functionalities.
  • VIJAI goes ahead in Foundation of its own exclusive Corrugation Tank Line.
  • VIJAI Successfully conducted Arc Proof Test for the first time in India.
  • VIJAI sets up a new plant in Uttaranchal for the manufacture of Single Phase Distribution Transformers.
  • VIJAI enters into Technical Collaboration with Daihen Corporation, Japan for manufacture of EHV Power Transformers up to 500 MVA, 500 KV class. This State-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located at Rudraram, near Hyderabad.
  • VIJAI revenue is a whopping INR 1327 crores (US $ 330 Million) in the current financial year of 2006-07.
  • VIJAI is going to set up exclusive manufacturing facilities of Copper foils and Kraft paper.
  • VIJAI'S fabrication facility houses hitech processes such as Plasma arc cutting and Robotic welding.
  • VIJAI deploys ERP to optimise the available resources and reduce the response time to the customers.
  • VIJAI is exploring possibilities to venture into Wind and Hydel power projects.
  • VIJAI plans for setting up Massive Service Centres across different parts of India.
  • VIJAI introduces the new "Delta Core Transformers".
  • VIJAI plans for setting up an exclusive manufacturing plant in Mexico for energy efficient Amorphous Metal Core Distribution Transformers.
  • Vijai Electricals Ltd. makes a successful acquisition of Electroteknica Switchgears Pvt Ltd., Kolkata, a well known manufacturer of MV Switchgear in Eastern Region, through a Share Purchase Agreement.
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