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Integrated Management System Policy
Core Values

Integrated Management System Policy

Since its conception, Vijai’s manufacturing facilities have maintained the highest standards of quality control and assurance adhering to the self enunciated operating procedures for efficient process that can adapt to the changing and challenging needs of the customer.

Vijai Electricals Ltd.is committed to provide Quality products & services meeting global market requirements by Designing, Manufacturing & Supplying of “CUSTOMIZED POWER TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION EQUIPMENTS”, and executing “TURNKEY PROJECTS IN TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION FOR POWER UTILITIES” by focusing on Customer satisfaction, Environmental protection, Health & Safety of relevant personnel, preventing Pollution, ill health and injury.

Improvement in different processes for minimizing cost to the Customer shall be one of VEL’s goals by adopting optimized design, effective controls, and Risk assessment process using required resources

Joint efforts within the Organization for excellence in all functions shall be the prime objective for achieving continual improvements.

Adapting changes that could help in continual improvement of our Systems,Subsystems and Processes to improve Organizational Performance shall be the Policy.

Inherent commitment to comply with the requirements of accredited International Standards and relevant compliance obligations,as applicable to the various Divisions,and to continually improve the overall effectiveness of organization shall be VIJAI’s strategy.This is done in true spirit with participation,consultation and engagement of every employee by enhancing competency,knowledge and skill through training and following best professional practices.

The organization embarks on the above policies and tries to maintain the best practices across the globe.

Core Values

  • To reinforce and  retain a distinguished position of leadership in the industry through strategic thinking, dedicated in-house R & D, and consistent customer oriented innovation, both in technology and in service.
  • To recognize human resources as the most important asset for achieving organizational excellence.
  • To enhance industrial productivity, growth and profitability through stringent quality standards & continuous improvement and automation.
  • To seek excellence in the manufacture of Energy Efficient Transformers for Power Transmission and Distribution by adapting and evolving cutting-edge technologies.
  • To constantly listen to customers, respond quickly to their current needs and anticipate future requirements.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction through dedicated After Sales Service Support and on time delivery.
  • To consistently develop new and better products, which offer improved performance and low Total Ownership Costs.
  • To seek and obtain challenging assignments and provide the most conducive environment for the professional growth of all employees through effective delegation and motivation.
  • To develop people’s competence through motivation and need based training, effective delegation and proactive approach.
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