Historical Milestones

Shining Examples of Exceptional Entrepreneurial Spirit

The name Vijai Electricals Ltd. has been associated with a large number of significant accomplishments:


  • Establishment of the Organization


  • Introduction of CSP Transformers in the country


  • Technical Collaboration with M/s Westinghouse Corporation, USA for Single Phase  Wound Core Transformers


  • Commencement of Cast Resin Transformers Production. 


  • Commencement of Exports.
  • Technical Collaboration with M/s Daihen Corporation, Japan for manufacture of AMDT’s.


  • Recognition by Government of India as “Export House”.
  • Manufacture of Earthquake Resistant Transformers for the first time in India.
  • ISO 9001 Certification


  • Commencement of Production for Amorphous Metal Distribution
    Transformers in the exclusive AMDT Plant


  • Recognition by Government of India as “Trading House”


  • Successful Type testing of 1000 KVA Amorphous Metal Distribution Transformers. 


  • Entry into turnkey electrification & substation projects.
  • Successful completion of Arc Proof Test on 30 kVA Single-Phase
    Transformers as per JIS (Japanese Standards) for the first time in India.


  • Commissioning of exclusive and complete Corrugation Line.


  • Technical Collaboration with Daihen Corp. Japan for Large Power
    Transformers up to 500 MVA, 500 KV Class.


  • Accreditation to all Testing laboratories viz., Transformer Testing
    Laboratories Units- 02 & 03, Conductor Testing Laboratory – Unit-04 and Transformer Oil Testing laboratory in Unit -2, from National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).


  • Incorporation of Brazilian Subsidiary of Vijai Electricals Ltd. India.
  • Vijai Electricals Ltd. commences its Switchgear and Instrument Transformer operations from a World Class Infrastructural facilities in Rudraram.


  • Incorporation of the Mexican wing of Vijai Electricals Ltd. India.
  • Successful SC testing of the first 50 MVA Transformers produced by the EHV wing in the first attempt.
  • Vijai Electricals Ltd. made a successful acquisition of Electroteknica Switchgears Pvt Ltd., Kolkata, a well known manufacturer of MV Switchgear in Eastern Region, through a Share Purchase Agreement.


  • Vijai Electricals expands its product range by Introduction of Condensor Bushings and MV GIS.


  • 82MVA (Bank of 246MVA) 15/420kV single phase generator transformer has successfully passed the full scale dynamic short circuit test at KEMA, Netherlands.


  • 315MVA 400/220/33kV 3 phase autotransformer has successfully passed the full scale dynamic short circuit test at KEMA, Netherlands.
  • Vijai Electricals Ltd. have developed and tested, with in-house technology, 333MVA 1150/√3/400/√3/33kV 1phase Auto Transformer for Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. This is world’s highest voltage rating Power Transformer ever manufactured and we are proud to have completed this development with our own technology at Vijai Electricals Limited.
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