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Aerial Bunch Cables

Aerial Bunch Cables are basically a compromise construction between Power cables and Overheadconductors. Though the concept is not very new, but of late its use is increasing all over the world.
The basic construction is as follows
3 power cores consisting of standard aluminium conductors, insulated with XLPE insulation
One sheath lighting aluminium conductor with XLPE insulation (optional)
One messenger Al-alloy conductor (bare or covered)
The purpose of messenger wire is
a) It acts as load bearing wire.
b) It acts as earth or neutral conductor.

Advantages of Aerial Bunch Cables are as follows:-

  1. These are cheaper than power cables.
  2. Cores being insulated, the chances of power thefts are eliminated.
  3. Cores being insulated, the chances of faults due to falling of trees or birds are eliminated.
  4. These can be laid in places where, due to lack of space, power cables cannot be laid.
  5. Insulation also helps to prevent corrosion of conductor.
  6. Cables are also safe for crossing of telecommunication lines.
Due to above mentioned advantages these types of cables are gradually getting widespread acceptance, specifically in developing countries.

A typical construction is as given below
3 x 95 sq mm Power Cores – Aluminium conductor, XLPE insulated+1 x 16 sq mm lighting core – Aluminium conductor, XLPE insulated+1 x 70 sq m messenger conductor of aluminium – magnesium –silicon alloy. 5 cores laid together.

AS PER IS:14255
S.No.  Size of
Cross Sectional
area of messenger conductor
Max. DC Resistance Ω/km Breaking Load KN Current Rating in
air at 30°C AMPS
1 3C X16 +25 25 1.38 7.0 78
2 3C X25 +25 25 1.38 7.0 106
3 3C X35 +25 25 1.38 7.0 138
4 3C X50 +35 35 0.986 9.8 168
5 3C X70 +50 50 0.689 14.0 213
6 3C X95 +70 70 0.492 19.7 258
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