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Pioneering Leadership, Remarkable Vision, Strong Customer Focus and a Relentless Commitment to Quality and Innovation has made Vijai Electricals Ltd. as one of the largest and leading manufacturers - exporter of Power and Distribution Transformers in India. Established more than three and a half decades way back in 1973, Vijai Electricals Ltd. has come a long way in the manufacture of Electrical Power & Distribution Transformers. Today it stands as one of the most trusted and reputed brand name among all the customers.
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By using Amorphous Metal, the Core Loss (NLL) of a Transformer can be reduced by a whopping 75% - resulting in enormous energy savings.
Amorphous Metal &
CRGO Silicon
Steel Types
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M/s A-Z Consultants.
Ahmedabad Electricity Company Ltd.
Assam State Electricity Board.

Bombay Suburban Electric Supply Limited, Mumbai

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Rural Electrification Work (RE)

Substation work.
Overhead Transmission Lines
DTR Packages
High Voltage Distribution System (HVDS)
EHV Projects, GIS & Cables
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